Adamo Fiberhoods

Adamo Fiberhoods is an initiative to bring very high-speed Fiber Optic wherever it is needed.

We have created this platform to help the people who want Fiber Optics Internet deployed to his area. If there’s enough interested people in a town, Adamo commits to studying deploying its network. Select your province to see the Adamo Fiberhoods currenly in progress:

Adamo fiber coverage map cantabria sevilla badajoz madrid tarragona lleida barcelona girona cuenca valencia ciudad-real lugo navarra toledo palencia castellon zaragoza guadalajara granada valladolid la-rioja

Do you want to start your own Fiberhood?

Do you want to be the local hero and bring Fiber Optics FAST! Internet to your hometown? Register your interest in creating your own fiberhood. Currently, we are accepting interest for towns or areas in the regions of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Madrid, Sevilla and Tarragona. If you are from another region, subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you updated on the Adamo Fiberhoods and on what new regions we open for registrations.

Why 1.000Mb Fiber Optic

A connection at 1.000Mb per second speed via Fiber Optic is faster and more stable. Watch videos and movies without having to wait for them to load, upload photos in an instant, video chat with friends abroad and work with your files in the cloud. Internet without a slow and glitchy connection is now a reality.

What is Adamo?

We are a telecommunications operator with Swedish origins, building our own fiber network all around Spain. We offer the fastest internet in the country: 1.000 Mb Fiber Optic Internet. Currently, more than 200,000 households have access to Adamo's Fiber Optic. Sign up now if you'd like yours to be the next.